Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Toxic Flame Retardants!

After doing a segment with Rollin on TV last week where I mentioned the soft goods in an RV (carpet, upholstery, drapes, bedding) and how they may contain fire retardants, I wanted to look into flame retardants and RV components.  I did some research and discovered that the typical mattress brands can be vague with the chemicals used in their production and flame retardant application.  However, there are non-toxic options available if you're concerned with indoor air quality and chemical sensitivities.  Also, there is a local RV component supplier, Lippert, that offers the Evergreen Performance Core mattress.  This is a low VOC, chemical free option ( but can only be purchased by an RV manfacturer.

Or, try an aftermarket RV mattress by PlushBeds!

Also, here are some interesting articles on mattresses and the chemicals they may or may not contain...

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